Vendor News: HK Systems Introduces Low-Risk Insert Management

HK Systems, Inc. (Milwaukee, Wisc.) is adding two standard interfaces to its newspaper-industry Material Tracking and Control Software (MTC). These off-the-shelf interfaces support the GMA SAM, BURT and PRIMA production planning systems and provide enhanced insert management as a complimentary extension to these applications. The number of free standing inserts (FSI’s) required for a production run is growing dramatically with increased zoning.

MTC focuses on real-time insert management by getting the right insert, to the right hopper at the right time. MTC’s complete solution includes the management of newsprint from electronic notification by the mills to mounting on a press spindle. During this cycle, real-time information is available for all movements. The MTC system includes a Newsprint Manager, Insert Manager, and Package Manager. manufacturing, distribution, and transportation.

Source: HK Systems, Inc.

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