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Vendor News: Hodge And Frick Gallagher Product Lines to Be Marketed Under the Durham Brand

The Durham Mfg. Co. (Durham, Conn.) has announced that all products formerly marketed under the Hodge and Frick Gallagher names will now be marketed under the Durham brand.

Hodge, a manufacturer of non-powered material equipment was acquired by Durham in 2003 and has been operated as a division. Its divisional status has been eliminated and it will now function as a branch. The company manufactures the Hodge products at a facotry in Springfield, Mass.

The acquisition of Frick Gallagher in 2004 gave Durham exclusive right to the name as well as ownership of three additional material handling product lines: Rotabin revolving shelving, Plasti-Bilt shelf bins/drawers and Storack bulk shelving. The first two are manufactured at the company’s main plant in Durham, the third at the Springfield facility. While the Frick Gallagher name will be dropped, the three product line names will continue to be used for product identification.

According to a Durham press release, the move was prompted by surveys which clearly showed the Durham brand with significantly greater recognition and acceptance in the various marketplaces the company serves.

Source: The Durham Manufacturing Company.

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