Vendor News: Linear Direct Drive Servo Technology for Material Hanadling

Touted as taking material handling into the 21st century, Celerity Automation (Paintsville, Ky.) introduced its linear transfer vehicle, (LTV) at the NA2006 show in Cleveland, March 27.

The patented vehicle is an accurate high-speed linear transfer system that uses the latest advances in linear direct drive servo motor technology. This technology is scalable and modular, easily adapted to any design requiring product movement. It can be configured to move anything weighing from a few ounces to several tons.

Taking advantage of linear motor technology's smooth, virtually friction free electromagnetic operation, the LTV moves product at speeds 10 times faster than conventional belt drive systems. It moves at these speeds with a positioning accuracy of 0.010 inch. Acceleration and deceleration rates can be 2 Gs. Plus, the LTV can handle 121 cycles per hour. According to the inventors, Ronald E. Ward, CEO, Michael Maynard, president, and Richard C. Young, director of engineering, these features mean material handlers will see productivity improvements of as much as 300 percent.

The inventors say applications such as item picking, order fulfillment and product transfer can benefit from the flexibility of this technology.

Source: Celerity Automation

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