Vendor News: Nestl USA Distribution Centers Implement Warehouse Optimization LLC Pallet Software

Nestlé USA has implemented Warehouse Optimization, LLC's APAL AutoPalletP3 and AutoLoaderT3 in five of its distribution centers. AutoPalletP3 case picking and pallet building software helps build stable and effective pallets. AutoLoaderT3 instructs truck loaders how to build a safe and legal load.

“Picking represents a growing portion of our warehouse labor and is an important touch point for the customer. APAL provides Nestle associates the information they need to perform more efficiently and effectively, while keeping the end customer in mind,” said Dan Lundquist, Nestlé USA’s logistics project manager. “On the truck side, with AutoLoaderT3 we incurred less rework of over-weight shipments. Now, when we have an overweight shipment we can better evaluate why.”

Source: Warehouse Optimization, LLC (Nashville), a unit of Moore & Associates.

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