Vendor News:'s Transparent Truck Helps Find Heavy-Duty Truck Parts

Partslink Ltd. (Great Falls, Mont.) is releasing a new version of its free locator system: The new site uses a 3D truck that turns transparent when users roll their mouse over it. This allows users to select which part they'd like help finding. "We wanted to make a visual way for people to find heavy duty truck parts," says president Scott Tetz. He adds, "We think it will be a great site to find parts or show engine, transmission and differential components in the truck. Best thing of all: it's free to use."

For those looking to use the free service to find heavy-duty truck parts, it was made user friendly.

  1. Roll mouse over the 3D truck and select a component
  2. Fill in the part info
  3. Add your name, phone and email so qualified part companies can make contact

More than 2,500 people per day use, (and coming March 2006, to find their new, used and rebuilt truck parts. Partslink is one of the largest heavy-duty truck parts locator in North America. It has hundreds of truck part company subscribers from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Miami, Fla. Partslink is privately owned and operated.

Source: Partslink Ltd.

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