Vendor News: Rocket Science no Problem for Flowserve

NASA has awarded Flowserve Corp. (Dallas), a global provider of fluid motion and control products and services, a certificate of appreciation for custom-engineering new valves for the agency's Johnson, Marshall and Stennis Space Centers.

Flowserve's innovative work for NASA includes the design and manufacture of cryogenic split-body control valves whose construction and metallurgy avoid the leakage characteristic of conventional split-bodies. The new designs allow NASA to use one Flowserve valve in place of several competitive valves because they also feature replaceable trims. Flowserve previously supplied NASA with a variety of other innovative valve designs.

NASA presented Flowserve with the award at the company's Springville, Utah manufacturing facility November 15 in front of all 350 of the plant's employees. Craig Ellsworth, Springville operations manager, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

"Thank you all for the very important work you do for NASA,” said Chuck Holloway, 38-year veteran of NASA, in presenting the award. “Know that we will need you as we move forward with our space exploration program." Holloway, now a senior engineer with the aerospace engineering firm Dynacs, is a consulting engineer with NASA's Supplier Outreach and Process Control Assurance (SOPCA) program, which gave the honor to Flowserve.

Source: Flowserve Corporation

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