Vendor News: Two-Buck Chuck Winery Partners with IFS

Bronco Wine Co. (Ceres, Calif.), a winery based in northern California, signed a contract to implement software from IFS (Linköping, Sweden) for supply chain management, product design, corporate performance management, and quality management, at its headquarters and crush-and-store facility in Napa Valley and bottling/warehouse facility in Sonoma.

Bronco's brands are sold in more than 65 countries worldwide. The company is well known for the Charles Shaw brand, nicknamed Two-Buck Chuck, which is the fastest-growing brand in the wine industry's history.

"We were impressed with IFS' industry-focused solution and expertise in the food and beverage industry," said Daniel J. Leonard, vicepPresident and CFO of Bronco Wine. "IFS Applications will enable us to greatly improve the quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of our operations, especially in the areas of distribution, route sales, pricing, and delivery."

To complement the IFS system, IFS partner eNSYNC Solutions will provide an ALSWorks bar coding and warehouse management solution. MobileTech, also an IFS partner, will provide a RoutePower direct store delivery solution.

Source: IFS.

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