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Vinyl Shipping Plugs

ROCHESTER, Mich.—Harman Corporation's HP series plugs protect parts from moisture, dust and other unwanted substances during packaging and shipping operations.

The HP vinyl dip molded plugs are easy to apply and remove. No tools are needed to remove plugs, simply pull the tab. Their snug, conforming fit ensures they will not pop out during shipping, painting or manufacturing. Because they are vinyl, these plugs won't shred, split or crack.

Plugs are ideal for protecting parts during shipping and can be used as masking from painting and plating, dust and moisture protectors and thread protectors. Many sizes are available. The standard color is red, however, plugs are available in any color.

Harman Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of dip-molded products with over 45 years of experience. Harman offers global distribution of thousands of different colors and sizes of caps, grips and plugs, in addition to a complete line of masking supplies. Harman also provides cost efficient design and tooling expertise for custom product applications.

For further information, visit Harman Corporation's Web site at, or contact Harman by phone at 248-651-4477, or by e-mail at [email protected].

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