Vitronic's line scan camera technology increases the rate at which warehouse and distribution centers can direct the flow of merchandise in and out of their sorting facilities . The high speed camera allows distributors to reduce high operational costs during the peak shipping season and streamline their distribution process for maximum efficiency.

Louisville, KY - Vitronic Machine Vision's line scan camera technology known as VIPAC, is streamlining retail distribution centers for the busy holiday season. As a result, retail distribution facilities have increased the rates at which they distribute and process their merchandise. In addition, this technology allows retailers the benefit of advanced order and inventory control options.

A next generation solution for retail distributors, the VIPAC parcel identification system reads hand-written and machine written address information identifies all barcodes, and specific customer codes. The camera system is easily integrated with automation software to fully direct the flow of goods in and out of distribution facilities. Using this barcode technology, distributors can greatly reduce manual errors that occur with standard barcode tracking systems thus reducing rising labor costs. Depending on package size and spacing VIPAC's throughput is up to 10,800 items an hour on conveyor speeds of 800 fpm. Even information hidden behind plastic film is identified by the camera-based identification system. Compared to traditional laser-based barcode identification system the VIPAC system generates higher read rates at increased processing speeds.

The basis for this optimization is the VICAMssi2 sensor unit, which combines a compact, high resolution, dynamic auto-focus high-speed line-scan camera and LED illumination into one device. Unlike traditional barcode scanners, the camera is able to capture information on non-standard packages as well as standard-sized shipments while measuring parcels volume and enabling automatic invoicing. In comparison to barcode scanners, the camera is faster and delivers improved read rates.

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Tennille Hicks
Vitronic Machine Vision

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