VLM Can Double Available Space

VLM Can Double Available Space

The Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) features a dynamic tray height sensor system that automatically scans and optimizes the unit’s storage density every time a tray is stored in the VLM. The Viper’s controls automatically direct every tray to the least amount of space possible within the unit. This means organizations can eliminate moving or expansion costs, consolidate multiple facilities or zones into existing space, and almost double existing storage capacity.

The Viper consists of two columns of trays in the front and back with a robotic inserter/extractor running in the center delivering trays to an ergonomic work counter using an integrated controller and/or software. It handles totes, containers, and pallet loads.

A click of a button or scan of a bar code activates the VLM and the ViperTilt angles the tray for easy picking, the adjustable work counter moves to an operator’s preferred work height, and the LaserViper illuminates the exact item to pick. Dual tray delivery can enable workers to pick from one tray and have the second tray waiting to be presented instantly for faster throughput and productivity.

Sapient Automation

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