VPal software

Greenville, Wis. — QComp Technologies, Inc., an authorized ABB robotics integration company, announced today it will offer the new Virtual Pallet Dispenser VPal software option with its automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). The VPal AGV software enables the AGV to find and deliver an empty pallet to a manual or automated palletizer, as well as pick up full loads and deliver them to a centralized stretch wrapper.

“The VPal software option eliminates unreliable pallet dispensers and the maze of pallet conveyors on the plant floor,” says QComp President Tom Doyle. “VPal increases operating efficiencies for our customers by reducing labor, increasing plant floor safety, and eliminating damage to product and conveyors caused by drivers.”

The VPal software enables the AGV to pick up an empty pallet from a freestanding stack. A positive separation between pallets prevents jams, and because it eliminates the need for pallet conveyors and T-carts, valuable space on the plant floor is saved. With this laser-guided system, there is no need to embed wires in the plant floor.

Tom Doyle, P.E.
QComp Technologies, Inc.
(920) 757-0775, Ext. 111
[email protected]

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