W50Z Series Motorized Walkie

W50Z Series Motorized Walkie

(Greenville, N.C. – Americas Division Headquarters) — Hyster Company offers the W50Z series motorized walkie, low lift pallet truck. The W50Z series was engineered for superior productivity, durability, and maneuverability. With a capacity of 5,000-pounds, it was designed to withstand highly corrosive environments. Features include the Auto Deceleration System, standard creep speed function, ergonomically angled handgrips, directional control on the handle and a contoured body.

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Hyster Company Introduces New W50Z Series Motorized Walkie Lift Truck Offering Exceptional Maneuverability

Hyster Company announces the availability of the W50Z series motorized walkie, low lift pallet truck. Engineered for superior productivity, durability, and maneuverability, the W50Z series is ideal for the food and beverage industry. With a capacity of 5,000-pounds, this lift truck was designed to withstand highly corrosive environments.

Several features contribute to the lift truck’s productivity including, the Auto Deceleration System, which extends traction motor brush and brake life by automatically slowing the truck when the accelerator is released. In addition, a 40-percent reduction in electrical connections allows for simplified maintenance and easily accessible wiring.

The W50Z series features four different construction options allowing for additional component protection to reduce downtime related to temperature intolerance. Options include the Standard Construction package (+32 degrees to +120 degrees F), Cooler/Freezer package (0 degrees to +120 degrees F) and the Subzero Freezer package (-40 degrees to +120 degrees F), and the Extreme Corrosion/Wash Down package (0 degrees to +120 degrees F). The Extreme Corrosion/Wash Down package features a rust-resistant, unpainted galvanized frame, designed to reduce overall surface corrosion and rust. This is ideal for applications where the truck is exposed to corrosive agents or requires frequent wash downs. Additionally this package can increase uptime and reduce costs by eliminating the need for periodic repainting--good for highly corrosive environments, such as the food processing, pickling, tannery, chemical, salt and brine industries.

Designed for easy maneuvering, the W50Z series offers standard creep speed function, allowing the lift truck to function with the control handle in the full up position, placing operators at a closer proximity to their loads for increased visibility. Ergonomically angled handgrips and a contoured body provide comfortable positioning and hand protection. The handle of the W50Z features a directional control that allows 30-degree rotation in either direction, for a fuller range of motion.

For more information, phone 1-800-HYSTER-1, fax 252-931-7877 or visit go.hysterusa.com.

Kelly A. Smith
Hyster Company
P: 252.931.7895
F: 252.931.7877
[email protected]

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