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Wal-Mart Chimes in on EFCA

NEW YORK—Wal-Mart’s treasurer said today that he is “confident” Congress will defeat the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) just introduced to Congress.

The EFCA was introduced on Tuesday, March 10 (See Breaking News: Card Check Introduced; Grassroots Network Forms in Opposition).

The bill, also known as card-check legislation, would allow employees to form a union if a majority of them sign authorization cards.

Speaking at a consumer conference presented by Bank of America Securities-Merrill Lynch, Charles Holley, treasurer at Wal-Mart, said the company is “very opposed to the bill.” Explaining that the bill is “anti-competitive,” Holley said, “We’re confident that Congress will get it right, they’ll figure this thing out, and this bill will be defeated.”

Source: Reuters

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