Walgreens to Add In-Store DHL Service

PLANTATION, Fla.—DHL has entered into an agreement with Walgreens that will more than double the number of retail outlets offering DHL Express shipping services nationally.

According to the announcement, Walgreens is projected to expand to more than 6,500 locations by the end of 2008, with more than 1,600 stores open 24 hours a day. The Walgreens-DHL agreement is expected to boost convenience for small businesses and consumers.

Shippers will be able to send and drop off packages via DHL for overnight, ground or international delivery. An in-store “DHL Shipping Spot” will be staffed by Walgreens associates located at Walgreens photo counters. Store employees will weigh, label and ship customer packages to U.S. or international destinations.

“Expanding DHL’s retail presence is an important next step in our U.S. retail strategy, as well as our small to mid-size business growth plans,” said Hans Hickler, CEO of DHL Express (USA). “The combination of shipping within the corner drugstore environment on a national basis is unprecedented and allows both DHL and Walgreens to provide even more convenience to customers in unparalleled ways.”

“The service addresses an important need for our time-crunched customer base,” added Walgreens Executive Vice President of Marketing George Riedl. “This new offering will be another powerful addition to our overall strategy of making life easier for customers.”

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