Warehouse Rx WMS Lite 7.0

Warehouse Rx WMS Lite is an entry-level warehouse management system that provides real-time inventory visibility to help improve cycle time and increase accuracy in either a manual or semi-automated environment. Implementation time is typically only two to four months.

Compatible with Unix, Sun Solaris and Linux operating systems, Warehouse Rx WMS Lite offers open APIs for seamless integration with a company's existing ERP and/or MRP systems. The software offers the following functionality:
- Receiving and Putaway
- Inventory Control
- Picking
- Label/Document Printing
- RF Handheld Data Collection Control
- Order Management
- Shipping
- Automation Interfaces (optional)
Because the system is modular, companies can add on functions within the system as needed to keep pace with the company's growth and budget.

“No other WMS product on the market today has the capability to bring together manufacturing, data collection and automation at such an approachable price point,chr(34) said John Garrett, software product manager. chr(34)Warehouse Rx Lite is the remedy for companies shopping for their first paperless Warehouse Management System.chr(34)

Warehouse Rx WMS Lite 7.0 is available now. Daifuku America Corporation currently has hundreds of installations of its Warehouse Rx WCS and Warehouse Rx WMS products in the electronic, automotive, food and beverage, and medical and publishing industries worldwide. For more information visit www.warehouse-rx.com.

About Daifuku American Corporation
Daifuku America Corporation, the North American affiliate of Daifuku Co., Ltd., is the leading material handling equipment and software provider for the automotive, factory automation, warehousing and semiconductor industries. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, its Salt Lake City, Utah office houses engineering, sales support and service operations for warehousing/distribution and semiconductor manufacturing. Daifuku America Corporation's equipment and software solutions are used by thousands of food, electronics, retail, clothing, books, aerospace, semiconductors, flat panel displays, and automobile manufacturing customers around the world. For information on its full range of warehouse management software, conveyors, sortation systems, transport vehicles, order-picking systems, storage buffers, and transport systems visit www.warehouse-rx.com and www.daifukuamerica.com. Daifuku Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is traded on the Nikkei stock exchange.

Daifuku America Corporation, the Daifuku logo, and Warehouse Rx are trademarks or registered trademarks of Daifuku or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries.

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