Web-based Cold Chain Monitoring

Web-based Cold Chain Monitoring

TempTRIP LLC’s time/temperature system monitors the perishable food journey from harvest to store. In addition to recording time/temperature data points at desired intervals, the system displays the food’s journey online. Cold chain participants can take a look at a map and be able to tell at a glance when and where it has been subjected to off-spec temperatures.

TempTRIP offers information integration which helps quantify degradation impact. That data is the key to subsequent action. The system enables the sharing of data transparently with all channel partners. This includes growers, food processors, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Information displayed via the internet can be used to fine tune everything from which coolers, trucks or transportation partners perform better to which products should be rotated out of the warehouse first.
The process incorporates three basic components—RFID smart cards, RFID reader with optional integrated barcode scanner, and the internet.


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