Web-Based TMS

Web-Based TMS

GR8FR8.com (Great Freight) helps shippers gain better control of their freight by centralizing and streamlining the shipment process from quoting through delivery and settlement. The GR8FR8.com platform allows shippers to request freight quotes from their carriers (or marketplace), minimize data entry, communicate with the carrier, track shipments, and generate reports for less than the cost of server-based TMS, says the provider.

Shipper customers can also refer their preferred carriers to the site to conduct “business-as-usual” by direct-tendering shipments to carriers or freight brokers of choice. They will then have visibility of their shipment, and gain access to historical data.

GR8FR8 will pre-load trial accounts with 30 free shipment credits ($300 value) and offer additional credits as-needed during the 30-day trial. After trial period, shippers pay $10 per shipment posted in the system and a nominal annual fee.


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