Website Recruits Tomorrow’s Workers

The Technical Career Education Program (TCEP), a joint educational endeavor of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) and the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc (MHEFI), launched a new website: At the top of the TCEP’s agenda, and its website, is its mission:

“To provide instructional support to educational institutions seeking to provide training for entry level students in the area of warehousing and distribution, supply chain and logistics.”

The organization emphasizes that it is reaching out to ALL educational levels. The Boards of both MHIA and MHEF want to provide training so that young people entering the workforce, both unemployed and under-employed, as well as job changers, can begin a career in material handling and logistics. These fields are among the largest and fasting growing industries in America, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition to industry expertise, TCEP offers instructional materials developed by practitioners, equipment for working warehouse labs, teacher workshops, and exposure to the industry through participation in MHIA trade events.

For more information, contact Allan Howie at [email protected] or Victoria Wheeler at [email protected], or call 704-676-1190 or 800-345-1815.

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