Weigh Module

COLUMBUS, Ohio - METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce the SWC515 Pinmount weigh module. This new compact weigh module with capacities 7.5t, 15t and 22.5t makes it possible to economically convert tanks, hoppers and conveyors into weighing systems that are simple and safe.

Universal Application
Pinmount weigh modules provide a complete solution for most weighing applications. These versatile weigh modules can be used both for static weighing and dynamic applications such as mixers and conveyors. A 360° horizontal bumper and the rockerpin load cell’s self-restoring feature ensure the easiest installation and best accuracy. At any time the stabilizer option can be added in dynamic applications, allowing mixers and conveyors to be stabilized in a safe manner. Two standard anti-uplift bolts cope with wind forces while tfour vertical safety stops provide additional safety.

The Pinmount weigh modules are available in zinc plated steel and stainless steel for the food and pharmaceutical industry. SWC515 Pinmount has been optimized with the newest FEA testing and design. This contributes to the high safety level of this weigh module.

Safety First
Pinmount offers a unique combination of safety features and exceeds the usual market standards
by far:
• Symmetrically supported top plate for optimum distribution of stresses in the weigh module and tank leg; bending moments are minimized.
• 360° horizontal bumpers, thus orientation of the weigh module is not critical.
• Double lift-off safety device, single systems are standard in the market.
• Safety down-stop to arrest the system in case of a total failure of the load cell.
• Up to two optional stabilizers can be added to stabilize dynamic scales, unique in this range.
• Rigidly aligned and locked for installation with or without the load cell. Damage to the load cell during installation is a thing of the past.
• PINMOUNT design was optimized using the latest FEA analysis methods.

Global Application
The stainless steel hermetic load cell model SLC610 can be used in approved applications and hazardous areas as standard. All cells are manufactured to metrology and hazardous area standards OIML R60 and ATEX for Europe and HB44 and FM for North America . Both the Pinmount and SLC610 load cell can be used in many applications world-wide, simplifying the support of global business and service-part stocking.

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