Weightroller Forks

The WEIGHTROLLER FORKS weighs, displays, accumulates and records the weight of each lifted load to an accuracy of .1% (5# in a 5000# load). This innovative design requires NO installation --- only the forks be hung on a standard forklift carriage. Forks can also be switched between any make or model forklift with the same Class 2 or Class 3 carriage.

The easy to read LCD screen is mounted in the rear of the left fork and allows viewing of load weights in Lbs or Kgs. Optional RF receiver screen can be mounted in operator’s cab. The device is powered for up to 35 hours by a rechargeable battery pack mounted in the top of the right fork.

WEIGHTROLLER FORKS can significantly improve the productivity and logistics of dock operations by accurately weighing incoming and outgoing loads---eliminating a trip to a static ground scale. RS232 serial port connection for mobile printer option is also available.

For more information view website: www.keytroller.com or contact:

813-877-4500 or email: [email protected]

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