WERC Announces Board of Directors

The Warehousing Education and Research Council announced its new board of directors for the coming year:

President: Gregory J. Javor, senior vice president, supply chain operations, global logistics, Starbucks Coffee Company;

Vice President: Michael B. Wohlwend, vice president, SAP Americas;

Secretary-Treasurer: Paul M. Avampato, v.p., customer service and logistics, snack foods and confections, Kraftfoods;

Past-President: Lawrence Dean Shemesh, president and CEO, OPSdesign Consulting;

Director, 2014 Conference: Tim J. Hotze, vice president supply chain management, Panalpina, Inc.;

Director, 2013 Conference: Chad W. Autry, PhD, associate professor of logistics, University of Tennessee at Knoxville;

Director of Marketing Mambership: Sheila Benny, executive vice president, Optricity Corporation;

Director of Web Services: Sylvia Spore, technology manager, RightSourceRx;

Director of Industry Relations: C. Frederick Rake, senior v.p., global logistics, CEVA Logistics;

Directors at Large:

Stuart M. Rosenfeld, v.p., distribution and logistics, PepBoys;

Stephen (Andy) Smith, president & COO, Kenco Logistic Services;

J. Randolph (Randy) Lewis, senior v.p., supply chain and logistics, Walgreens Company;

Stan Danzig, executive director, Cushman & Wakefield.

Chief Executive Officer: Michael J. Mikitka, CAE, CMP, Warehousing Education & Research Council.

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