WERC Releases Salary Survey

OAK BROOK, Ill.—Pay for most warehousing employees is steadily increasing, according to the 2008 Warehousing Salaries and Wages study released by the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).

Conducted every two years, the survey provides an ongoing look at salary trend lines for most warehouse positions, from vice president of logistics to warehouse worker.

Among exempt employees, traffic managers, general managers and office managers experienced the greatest increase in median salary at 17.9%, 17.6% and 16.5%, respectively. Compensation for sales positions at all levels declined by as much as 16.2%, in part due to a loss in bonuses/commissions received, according to WERC.

With a 7.1% increase in median wages, warehouse workers enjoyed the highest percentage gain among non-exempt employees, the report indicates. Customer service representatives’ pay increased 5.4%, widening the gap from $.07 to $.38 per hour between their compensation and the second-highest paid (shipping and receiving clerks).

“The study illustrates the dynamic nature of compensation in the distribution workplace today, and how important it is to stay current in order to calibrate salaries and wages,” says Rita Coleman, director of research and education and deputy executive director of WERC.

The study is available free to WERC members and can also be purchased at www.werc.org.

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