WhisperTraxTM Wedge Conveyor

Span Tech LLC in Glasgow, Kentucky, USA, has introduced its WhisperTraxTM Wedge Conveyor. The dual-chain design allows users to incline or decline product in a small footprint, saving precious floor space. Configurable for a wide variety of applications, the continuous gripping chain crimps around product at the in-feed and transports it in a variable angle of incline or decline, up to 90˚. WhisperTraxTM Wedge Conveyor models come manually adjustable for fixed position or fully adjustable with a hand crank. Variable speed ranges are available and elevation changes up to 30 feet (9.14 m) are possible. There are two models offered and options to fit almost any application.

Span Tech, LLC, founded in 1978 by James L. “Bud” Layne, is the major player in the United States for plastic conveyor systems and manufactures the Designer System®, Span Tech’s proprietary custom design conveyor line, and the WhisperTraxTM Modular Flexible Conveyor line. The Designer System® Conveyors are USDA approved and BISSC certified. Many of Span Tech’s conveyors have run for many years with little or no maintenance and this has created repeat business from the company’s customers. Span Tech® Designer System® conveyors are presently in use around the world. Large portions of original chain are still running on conveyors that have run six days a week for years, even in areas with high levels of contaminants.

For further information, please contact:

Sheila Steenbergen
Span Tech, LLC
1115 Cleveland Avenue
Glasgow, KENTUCKY 42141
Telephone: (270) 651-9166
Fax: (270) 651-3929
[email protected]

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