Whitepaper on RFID Available

Pragmatyxs, Inc. (Seattle), product and material tracking experts, announced the publication of its whitepaper on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) entitled, RFID Demystified: A practical look at what RFID means to your business. The whitepaper is available on Pragmatyxs' web site at http://www.pragmatyxs.com/RFIDwhitepaper.html.

This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at how RFID technology works, providing examples of current applications while also addressing the controversy surrounding it.

Pragmatyxs was recently named an Intermec RFID Authorized Partner, an honor that requires rigorous qualification and training. Additionally, they have partnered for the past nine years to deliver effective automated data collection solutions.

RFID is simple in concept but becomes complex in the implementation details for these types of systems. RFID Demystified comprehensively breaks out the different terms and applications, and provides real-world examples of how the technologies can benefit small to medium manufacturers and distributors.

Pragmatyxs' whitepaper is intended as a tool for individuals responsible for Supply Chain and Logistics, Operations, Inventory Management, Quality Assurance, and Information Technology, as they make decisions about current systems and processes. RFID Demystified also compares the current Automated Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) systems that use bar coding with RFID and illustrates how the two can effectively complement one another.

Report compiled by Clyde Witt, executive editor

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