Whos Who in 3PL WMS Software

A new research report by Industrial Data & Information Inc. (IDII) provides key information on each of 28 software solutions that have 3PL billing functionality, support full radio frequency (RF) for all warehouse tasks, and have current 3PL installations.

Selecting and evaluating new software for a third-party logistics (3PL) provider is a challenge. In addition to all warehousing functions that a private warehouse needs, the 3PL also needs inventory ownership, 3PL billing, 3PL customer reporting, 3PL management reporting, and ultimate configuration options on a per-customer basis.

“Who's Who in 3PL WMS Software” covers:

• Largest 3PL customer installation comparison;

• Concurrent user sizing comparison;

• Total installation comparison;

• Target customer analysis comparisons;

• Software solution profiles on 28 software products;

• Company background, key personnel, and history;

• Product background, functionality, languages, operating systems, databases, 3PL functionality, customer installations;

• Operating system comparisons;

• Database comparisons;

• Key field size comparisons;

• Insights into software selection;

• Selection strategy methods.

A full sample software solution profile can be viewed at www.softeval.com. This research report contains a list of warehouse software supporting third-party logistics and includes Web site, key contact person, phone numbers and e-mail address.

Included are many comparative tables. Most tables are in color to help comprehend the information. Items needing special attention are highlighted in green, yellow or red. For example, many operations now need 24-character or larger part numbers. Therefore, if the maximum part number size is 18 characters or fewer, this is highlighted in yellow (warning) to alert the reader.

"Who's Who in 3PL WMS Software." 342 pages. ISBN 0966934547. Publisher: IDII. Author: Philip Obal. Single copies: $495.95, introductory price. Normal price: 595.95.

IDII is a research consulting company that assists companies in selecting and implementing software solutions. For more information, visit www.idii.com, phone 918-464-2222 or e-mail at philoba[email protected].

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