Interlink Technologies is a pioneer in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) market and has been providing successful solutions since 1986 to many clients in diverse industries. Interlink provides the ideal software, WHSe-LINK®, to help achieve warehouse productivity goals in today’s fast-paced marketplace. WHSe-LINK® links with bar code and RFID technology to provide solutions for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing. WHSe-LINK® helps achieve results which include increased efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness in the warehouse and reduced ship cycles, inventory needs and labor.

WHSe-LINK® performs dependably using advanced and innovative methods for paperless, real-time, on-line inventory tracking to give immediate and accurate information to the user. WHSe-LINK® supports the management of multiple facilities – from a small single warehouse to the large, multiple site complexes.

WHSe-LINK® provides sign-on/password security protection and allows management to define authorization rights, menus and menu sequences for each user.

WHSe-LINK® interfaces with other host business systems and interfaces with automation equipment.

Interlink Technologies is committed to quality control and attention to detail to ensure that customer satisfaction is not only met, but exceeded. Interlink’s extensive experience and flexible software leads to speed-driven installations and accommodates many unique business requirements.

Lynn Granatir
[email protected]
T 419-893-9011 Ext. 170
F 419-893-7280
Interlink Technologies
139 W. Indiana Avenue, Suite 203
P.O. Box 970
Perrysburg, OH 43552

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