WITRON Opens New Technology Center: WITEC

WITRON, Arlington Heights, IL, recently opened the doors to WITEC, their brand-new Technology Center (WITRON Technology Center) at its headquarters in Germany. This project was designed and realized within six months, a true benchmark of rapid implementation.

In a footprint of 165 ft long by 55 ft wide, WITRON created a showcase of its Picking Systems in a running environment, including installed WMS systems, PLCs, conveyors, cranes and racking. Existing systems, like the globally successful DPS (Dynamic Picking System), and OPS (Order Picking System), as well as cutting-edge Picking Systems for case picking and break picking are presented. All of these varied integrated storage and picking systems have the WITRON trademarks: economically justifiable, highly efficient and optimally ergonomic.

The WITEC-benefits for customers are manifold: Visitors can see the latest innovations in picking technology "live". Secondly, customers can test and confirm that these systems fit their business requirements for today and tomorrow. Furthermore, customers can verify the feasibility of various picking processes with their own products and with their own staff at WITEC. And finally, it is self-understood that colleges and students worldwide are invited to experience this cutting-edge technology firsthand.

Many of WITRON’s customers, from both the US and Europe, have already visited WITEC and they were fascinated. When will you go to see this logistics showcase?

WITRON Integrated Logistics, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is a leading company in material handling automation. Visit http://www.witron.com for more information.

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