WMS Aids Bus Schedule Distribution

Intek Integration Technologies, Inc. (Bellevue, Wash.) announced that King County (Wash.) Metro Transit has tapped its warehouse management software as part of an overhaul of the system the transportation agency uses to keep bus schedules and maps stocked throughout the county.

Metro Transit manages the bus and rideshare system for the county's 1.7 million residents. As part of its efforts, it handles customer information services, which includes stocking bus timetables, brochures and maps to 1,200 locations throughout the county. Metro Transit has three major schedule changes each year, and many other minor changes that necessitate printing new bus schedules and maps in addition to the constant restocking efforts that are done on a daily basis.

The agency currently handles these tasks with a 13-year-old legacy system that runs on outdated equipment. "This project doubles the capacity of the racking system where the time tables are held, and improves the inventory management software system," says Tom Friedman, Metro Transit's project/program manager. "It also improves the communication between the field staff and the central warehouse. The field staff can wirelessly send information to the warehouse where orders can then be worked on and are ready when the field staff returns to pick up the timetables."

Intek's Warehouse Librarian software is a highly flexible and accurate system to control receiving, put-way, picking, replenishment, and other warehouse operations. Intek is working with Pacific Integrated Handling (Tacoma), which is installing additional carousels and hardware needed for the expansion.

For more information, visit www.intek.com.

Report compiled by Clyde Witt, executive editor

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