Workers Head to Washington to Promote Union Card Check

WASHINGTON—The Service Employees Union (SEIU) is running a “Change That Works” campaign, which will see hundreds of workers march on the nation's capital to sit down with lawmakers, lobbyists and corporate CEOs to urge their actions on the economy to work for everyone.

Particular emphasis is being placed by these workers on support of the Employee Free Choice Act, better known as the Card Check bill. Under its terms, if more than 50% of workers at a facility sign a card endorsing creation of a union, the government would be required to certify it.

The SEIU not only will have workers meeting with members of Congress in support of Card Check, they will also visit the offices of eight major corporate associations—including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—to ask for meetings with top officers, seeking them to end their lobbying efforts against the Employee Free Choice Act.

Later in March, the Union looks to have 10,000 workers and community partners in 30 states campaign for improved health care and to support the Card Check bill.

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