Workplace Injuries, Illnesses in 2006 Decline

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Nonfatal workplace injuries and illnessesamong private industry employers in 2006 occurred at a rate of 4.4 cases per100 equivalent full-time workers—a decline from 4.6 cases in 2005. (See table 1and chart 1.) Similarly, the number of nonfatal occupational injuries andillnesses reported in 2006 declined to 4.1 million cases, compared to 4.2million cases in 2005.

These findings were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Key findings of the 2006 Survey of Occupational Injuriesand Illnesses:

• The total recordable case (TRC) injury and illnessincidence rate among private industry employers in 2006 was the lowest sincethe SOII was first conducted in 1972.

• Incidence rates and numbers of cases for injuries andillnesses combined declined significantly in 2006 for most case types, with theexception of cases involving job transfer or restriction only.

• The number and incidence rate of injuries both declinedsignificantly in 2006 compared to 2005—3% and 5%, respectively.

• The number and incidence rate of illnesses declinedsignificantly in 2006 compared to 2005—mainly the result of declines among hearingloss and allother illnesscategories.

• Estimates were tabulated for more than 70 additionalindustries in 2006 for which estimates were not previously available.

• The total recordable case injury and illness incidencerate was highest among mid-size establishments (those employing between 50 and249 workers) and lowest among small establishments, those employing fewer than11 workers.

• TRC rates in 10 of 43 states (including the District ofColumbia) for which SOII estimates are available were lower in 2006 compared toa year earlier; TRC rates in 32 states remained relatively unchanged; and theTRC rate in one state was higher in 2006.

The rate decline for nonfatal workplace injuries andillnesses among private industry employers, goods-producing industries and forservice-providing industries in 2006 resulted from a 2% increase in the numberof hours worked and a 3% decrease in the number of nonfatal injuries andillnesses.

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