X-Large Column Sentry

(ProMat Exhibit Booth #124) X-Large Column Sentry®, the world’s first impact-absorbing molded collision protector for extra large columns more than 12” x 24” (320 x 620 mm) in size, is now available to North American industrial plant managers, safety managers, warehouse managers, facilities managers and others seeking ways to protect larger structures in facilities from the impacts of forklift collisions.

X-Large Column Sentry is made from the same patented molded polyethylene material with a stabilizing air pocket structure that revolutionized collision protection when it was first introduced by Sentry Protection Products in 1998. 38” (965 mm) in outside diameter, X-Large Column Sentry is designed for use on oversized columns, double columns used in building expansion points, and to accommodate roof drains and other extra large building structures that are vulnerable to collisions with lift trucks and other vehicles. Installation of X-Large Column Sentry is tool-free and quick, using double straps with hook and loop fasteners.

Additional technical details on X-Large Column Sentry and 15 other variations of Column Sentry protectors can be found at www.sentrypro.com/CSHome.htm.

Sentry Protection Products,16927 Detroit Avenue Ste.3, Lakewood, OH 44107 USA, + 1-216-228-3200, fax: +1-216-228-3214, US 1-888-265-8660, [email protected]

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