Buckhorn, a North American leader in reusable plastic packaging and material handling systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Xytec® and Combo™ products to its wide-ranging selection of bulk shipping containers. Buckhorn’s parent company, Myers Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MYE) purchased the Xytec and Combo container lines from Schoeller Arca Systems Inc. North America in early March 2007.

The purchase includes all equipment, molds and inventory associated with the Xytec line of collapsible pallet containers and the Combo line of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), all of which will be integrated into Buckhorn. Manufacturing and inventory will move to Buckhorn facilities, and the product lines will be served by Buckhorn sales and customer service teams.

“This move is highly beneficial for both customers of the Xytec and Combo lines and Buckhorn,” said Margot Beesley, Buckhorn’s director of marketing. “Not only do we expand upon our bulk container line that’s unmatched in the industry, from which customers can choose the size and configuration that best fits their application, but we provide all customers with greater resources to improve their supply chain operations. These resources include a broad, nationwide network of sales support and packaging experts; Buckhorn’s superior focus on consistent quality, delivery, and customer care; and unrivaled custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

“In addition to these areas, customers benefit from the single-source product access through Buckhorn’s broad selection of Bulk Boxes, Pallets, and Hand-held Containers, and Specialty Material Handling Containers.”

Integration of the Xytec and Combo lines into Buckhorn is underway, and customers will be kept informed as the transition progresses. Visit www.buckhorninc.com/purchase_faq.asp to learn more about the transition of Xytec and Combo products to the Buckhorn brand.

The Xytec line of collapsible pallet containers consists of 32” x 30”, 48” x 40” and 48” x 45” footprints in various heights and styles. Xytec also includes the EL Extended Length containers
and HighWall™ Extended Height containers. Each container system provides customers with a wide range of options, including sidewall access doors, lids, identification systems, standard or heavy-duty bases (on select products), custom colors, and multiple dunnage configurations. Applications for Xytec containers range from automotive manufacturing to food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and more. The addition of the Xytec containers to Buckhorn’s existing collapsible bulk container lines provides customers with the selection to meet any application challenge— from industrial components to textiles to food and beverage products, in heavy-duty to light-duty capacities.

The collapsible intermediate bulk containers (IBC) in the Combo line are suited for shipping and storing large volumes of processed foods, ingredients, and other fluids. The Combo line complements Buckhorn’s Citadel™ line of IBC’s. Combo IBC’s are molded of food grade plastic and have completely smooth surfaces to satisfy the strictest hygienic standards. They are collapsible, and space-efficient dimensions provide optimal cubing of transport systems, whether the container is set-up or collapsed. Available in four sizes - 270 gallons, 285 gallons, 300 gallons and 315 gallons - Combo IBC’s feature side and bottom discharge areas for quick, easy emptying. Reinforced corners and locking sides provide durability for handling under any conditions. Four-way fork entry permits secure transport from any orientation. Combo products can also be used for dry products such as powders, granulate and flakes.

In addition, Buckhorn adds the “Big Box” fixed wall pallet containers, as well as the hand-held “Stack & Nest Totes” and “Specialty Lugs & Pails.” These products fit applications ranging from industrial manufacturing to produce harvesting to food processing.

For more information, call 1-800-543-4454 or visit www.buckhorninc.com.

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