Yale Electric Lift Trucks

Yale Electric Lift Trucks

Yale Materials Handling Corp. launches two electric rider lift truck models—the 3-wheel ERP030-040VT and 4-wheel ERP030-040VF.

Both electric rider lift truck models have lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds and automatic parking brakes. Maneuverability is enhanced by zero-turn-radius steer axles and dual AC drive motors on both truck models. Independent, front-wheel motors rotate the drive tires in opposite directions, which places the center of turn between the drive tires.

The lift trucks, available with a 36- or 48-volt AC traction and hydraulic motor, feature four operator performance modes that managers can use to customize performance for application and operator ability.

In addition, hydraulic systems have leak-resistant o-ring face seal fittings and 10-micron filters that capture 99.5% of system debris, according to Yale. The electrical systems use CANbus technology to reduce wiring and connections. Sealed connections resist moisture and debris.

Learn more about the ERP030-040VT and ERP030-040VF.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.

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