Yale Launches New Safety Programs

GREENVILLE, N.C.—Yale Materials Handling Corp. has introduced three new safety resources that, the lift truck supplier says, can help companies of all sizes protect personnel, equipment and product as well as improve productivity.

Yale’s new lift truck operator training program includes Industrial Truck Association recommendations, modern training methods and suggestions from trainers and safety directors, the company says. The program is adaptable for large or small fleets and available in English, Spanish and French video formats.

The next safety resource is a free educational wall poster that offers an overview of safety-related “dos” and “don’ts” for the workplace. Yale suggests placing the colorful poster near a break room or time clock to remind lift truck operators about safe procedures.

Finally, an interactive, online game, called “For the Long Run,” teaches managers and lift truck operators about safety, Yale says. The new video game allows a user to select a lift truck and move product on pallets through a warehouse and into a truck. The game is free and can be played at www.yale.com.

“The training and support services we offer complement existing safety programs companies have in place, and provide unique and interactive ways to learn about product and workplace safety,” says Don Chance, Yale president.

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