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Yard Managing Software Goes Nationwide…in Britain

DALLAS, TEX—Argos, a leading UK general merchandise retailer is deploying Retalix Yard Management software at its DCs across the country with the aim of optimizing resources and improving day-to-day operations.

Retalix already is at work for Argos through the retailer’s use of its WMS. The first phase of the Yard Management rollout is its vehicle tracking module, being implemented in parallel with RFID technology. RFID readers are installed at entry and exit point of Argos DCs. Each of the Argos fleet’s 1,100 trailers and 500 tractors has a RFID tag affixed. Working together, arrival and departure data is automatically registered as vehicles enter and leave the DCs.

Discussing the installation, Adrian Burleton, Argos commercial director-supply, says, “With a large network of regional and national distribution centers across the UK, it is essential that our tractor and trailer fleet is closely tracked. By integrating the Retalix Yard Management System with our existing Retalix Warehouse Management System, we will be able to optimize our yard and dock resources and eliminate inefficiencies that negatively impact our operations.”

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