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Yaskawa, Omron Electronics Announce Agreement

Omron Electronics LLC and Yaskawa Electric America Inc. have announced a business transition agreement regarding Omron IDM Controls Inc.'s inverter distribution and HVAC business in the U.S. market. Under the agreement, Omron IDM Controls will transfer its industrial inverter distribution and commercial HVAC business in AC inverter drives from Omron to Yaskawa. Yaskawa is the original manufacturer of the AC inverter drives marketed by Omron IDM Controls. These same products will continue to be sold, but will carry the Yaskawa name and related support structure. This agreement will allow both companies to focus on their core strengths. Further, the new agreement will additionally enhance the strong global relationship between the two companies.

Omron IDM will leverage its leading position in the global oil and gas drilling industry to fuel further growth and it will also focus energies on its core drive center and nationwide circuit board repair businesses. The Yaskawa inverter products will continue to be sold through Omron IDM's 10 regional Automation & Drive Centers, now under the Yaskawa name, and under the Omron IDM name in engineered systems to the drilling industry.

For Yaskawa, this agreement continues to strengthen its leading position. Yaskawa's goal in the North American market is to have a clear and direct position to all levels of its customer base. Yaskawa will continue to use local distributors and system integrators to focus on key markets and applications, while further expanding its user and OEM position. As part of this change Yaskawa has agreed to recognize Omron IDM Controls as its primary solution provider in the oil drilling industry.

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