YRCW: A Year in Headlines

The last year has been nothing if not volatile for trucking giant YRC Worldwide (YRCW). The headlines tell a story of a company battling for its survival, pulling out every tool it can find. In addition to making staff cuts, the company sold and leased back property, negotiated two sets of wage concessions from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, had gained at least 10 sets of concessions from its lenders.

But on the business and operations side, the company has continued its efforts to integrate its Roadway and Yellow transportation networks and find other opportunities to expand and improve service in its national less-than-truckload sector as well as its regional operations.

Here is some of the coverage from Logistics Today over the past year:

New Penn Workers Approve Contract Concessions

YRC Worldwide Announces New Credit Agreement

Teamster Negotiations Ongoing at YRCW and UPS

Ratification Vote Survives YRC Gaffs

We Have a Plan, Reiterates YRCW

YRC/Teamster Agreement Moves Ahead

YRC Issues Statement on Tentative Teamster Agreement

YRC and Teamsters Reexamine Contract

YRC Gains Pension Deferral

Teamsters Examine YRC Pension Proposal

YRC Worldwide Announces New Organization Structure

YRC Worldwide Quiet on TARP Funds

YRCW May Violate Bank Covenants

YRC Offers Property For Pensions

YRC Sells and Leases Back Operations

YRC Economic Relief Plan Gains Support

Zollars On The Defensive; YRCW Cuts Jobs


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