ZR Reach Truck

ZR Reach Truck

Hyster Company, Greenville, North Carolina, announces a NEW truck focused on helping customers achieve greater distribution center productivity. Hyster Company’s new reach truck greatly enhances productivity without enhancing the size of your fleet. The New ZR Reach Truck uses state of the art technology to enable faster acceleration, faster lift and lowering speeds, as well as, travel speeds minimizing cycle time. The latest in industrial technology, the ZR Reach truck uses a CANbus communication system, which provides real time diagnostics. With increased productivity, dependability, ergonomics, serviceability and reduced operating cost, the ZR Reach truck is the truck of the future, available today.

Innovative productivity features include: electric power steering offering maximum efficient steering that minimizes battery drain; automatic drive tire centering at key-on saves time for the operator who can now be confident of the start direction from start-up; automatic brake operation applies the brake when the truck is stationary eliminating the need for the operator to apply the brake; plus, the revolutionary multiple programmable vehicle modes are available for maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration and hydraulic ramping.

The innovative thermal management system for all motors and controllers offer added protection from overheating. The dedicated auxiliary pump and motor greatly augments dependability of the main hydraulic motor.

Ergonomics have been refined with increased operator flexibility to use the fore/aft stance and side stance compartments. The spacious compartment allows optimal operator positioning and easy entry and exit without awkward twisting. The low step height helps reduce fatigue and the suspended floor plate cushions the operator and helps reduce stress on the operator’s legs, all adding to improved operator comfort and productivity over a full shift.

The ZR Reach Truck offers technicians ease of full diagnostics and easy access to all components for regular maintenance and repair. The ZR Reach Truck features brushless traction, hoist and auxiliary function motors that reduce service time and cost of operation through reduced periodic maintenance requirements.

The New Hyster® ZR Reach Truck Battery efficiency has been enhanced with the benefit of regenerative lowering, plus greasing requirements have been reduced with sealed load wheel bearings. Long term cost of ownership has been reduced by adding dual articulating caster wheels enabling even tire wear and minimizing tire scrub.

For more information on the New Hyster ZR Reach Truck contact your local Hyster Dealer or visit www.hysteramericas.com.

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