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Crane and Lift Equipment Costs - Upgrades for efficiency?


How important is the cost of crane and lift equipment operation to shipping authorities? Are they willing to invest in upgrades like more efficient electrically operated units to cut total operating costs?


Jim Shephard
Shephard's Industrial Training Systems

Good question, without a doubt everyone is interested in cutting cost. But a lot of factors go into the decision to make a change. What are all the costs of the existing equipment, for example? Those can include high cost-per-hour, parts, labor and downtime. Those should cause anyone to investigate the possibilities of purchasing or leasing new equipment. And let’s not forget cash available for leasing vs. purchasing. But consider this too: the initial cost to change from conventional powered equipment to electric powered can be overwhelming for some. Cost-saving depends on the application and the operation.

Market dynamics will play an important role in your deciding whether to make a change, but knowing the what and the when will require arming yourself with the facts.

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