Ford and AGVs - Is this Safe?

Ford and AGVs - Is this Safe?


I just saw that Ford placed an order for new AGVs to serve areas of their plants that never used AGVs before. Is this good or bad from a safety perspective?


Roger Bostelman, Engineering Project Manager, Intelligent Systems Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

This is good news and is exactly the reason that NIST is attempting to develop AGV Performance Standards to push the current limitations of AGVs to other, useful areas for automated material handling or equipment movement for manufacturing, distribution, or perhaps other industrial needs.  The new concept for a standard would allow manufacturers to measure how well they perform in various areas, for example, docking with equipment, traveling along paths while moving straight or quad-steer crabbing, and placing delicate materials and for users to understand the products they are buying to fit to the tasks at hand.

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