Ramifications of OSHA's Electronic Injury Reporting Proposal?

Ramifications of OSHA's Electronic Injury Reporting Proposal?


What are the ramifications of OSHA's electronic injury reporting proposal? (click here for background)?


Ron Giuntini
Consultant and Principal
Giuntini & Company, Inc.

One stat I would like to know is, of the 3 million incidents reported, how many workers filed disability claims and for how long. Of course one of the biggest drivers for lower accident rates is that more and more physical work is being automated. I personally don't trust OSHA with an electronics reporting system. I have seen government workers perform little due process on the accuracy of numbers submitted to them. Can you imagine how OSHA will draw inaccurate conclusions based on inaccurate data sets? Very dangerous for industry. What I would recommend is that electronic data collection be implemented, BUT a government and private sector board be established; three members on each side, to make any recommendations from data collected. I believe that this is a very important issue for the private sector to discuss.

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