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The Music of Logistics

A couple blogs ago we talked about the showbiz side of material handling and logistics. Of particular interest to many of you was our reference to Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen and his commitment to U.S.-made material handling and a sound system without curfews. Bruce has made a career out of making statements with his music, and judging by some recent YouTube videos, consultants and logistics service providers are starting to get into the act.

Just for fun I thought I'd share a couple examples with you. The first video is from guitarist Preston Reed, who has also been named the newest 'Brand Ambassador' of GAC, a global shipping, logistics and marine services provider. This New York born guitarist and composer is renowned for his percussive guitar approach. Bill Hill, GAC's executive group vice president, says his company benefitted from sponsoring Reed's tour of the United States last year because it helps GAC connect their brand image with his approach to music.

“Partnering with Preston as a Brand Ambassador is a reflection of the importance that we place on dedication, skill and the ability to think outside the box that we encourage in our own employees and which we feel is something that should be celebrated,” he said.

When you see how Reed uses his guitar as both a string and a percussion instrument, you'll understand what Hill is saying. Take a look.

The other example I'd like to share comes from GBMP, a training firm specializing in lean programs inspired by the Toyota philosophy as applied in manufacturing, supply chain management, the service sector, retail and healthcare. Judging by the age of the guys in this video and their energetic devotion to 80s punk rockers Devo, I'd say their lean approach must be successful. I hope I'm as agile and rhythmic when I'm their age. Wait—I AM their age. Guess that's why I like this so much. Hope you do too.

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