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Podcast or Oddcast?  You Decide.

Podcast or Oddcast? You Decide.

You might have thought the MODEX material handling and logistics show and conference ended a couple weeks ago, but some of the exhibitors are still using it as a learning experience.

For example, Seegrid, makers of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), sponsored Manufacturing Revival Radio LIVE at their booth. During this podcast I had the pleasure and challenge of being an interviewee for once. Hosts Todd Schnick (to my left in the pic below) and Todd Youngblood (to my right) had their best conversations with operations managers and quality assurance managers who toured the show floor and shared their observations about the event and the industry. What Todd & Todd did defines my comfort zone, but being asked to offer my observations live and uncut gave me a new sympathy for all the people I’ve accosted with a microphone during my media career. The Todds were very professional and made me comfortable enough to put complete sentences together without too many uh’s and um’s.

You can listen to our conversation below. But if you do, please share your own observations with me once you’re finished. Just post a comment to this blog or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Press the play button below to listen to this podcast in its entirety.

DOWNLOAD AUDIO File size: 3.67 MB File type: mp3

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