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Material Handling & Logistics is the leading source of information for corporate managers who oversee the handling, storage and movement of raw materials, in-process goods and finished product throughout the supply chain.

Thanks to our monthly magazine, our weekly e-newsletters and our 24/7 Web site, upper-level manufacturing and distribution professionals can rely on MH&L to deliver insights, news, analysis and real-world case studies in any number of formats designed to help them improve the competitiveness of their material handling and logistics operations.

MH&L delivers thought-provoking, high-quality, fact-based editorial that supports the contemporary view of material handling and logistics as functions that make a difference on the bottom line and ultimately enhance supply chain performance.

Readers rely on MH&L to learn about cutting-edge trends, product innovations and best practices that help them work smarter, faster, safer and more efficiently. They count on MH&L to provide critical reporting and analysis that won’t be found anywhere else.

MH&L’s editorial content is developed by seasoned, award-winning editors who have decades of experience covering logistics from a broad range of industrial contexts.

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Dave Blanchard
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Frank Chloupek
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Carey Sweeten
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Ron Hewett
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