Enan E. Stillman -- Expert

Alan Will is a career Marine Corps officer who served 27 years and retired at the rank of colonel in 2008. Specialized in logistics operations, he implemented the first warehouse management system (WMS) in Marine Corps distribution centers and installed state of the art material handling systems.

Enan E. Stillman is a transportation, corporate and M&A attorney with a global practice.  Mr. Stillman routinely represents and advises publicly traded and private supply chain companies including shippers, third party logistics companies, motor carriers, freight forwarders, warehouses, indirect air carriers, factoring companies, transportation management software companies, insurers and consultants on a variety of matters.  In addition, Mr. Stillman has significant experience working directly with law enforcement to resolve cargo theft and freight-held-hostage scenarios.

Mr. Stillman is a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate retreats, conducts webinars, and is the author of numerous articles on diverse supply chain related topics including cargo theft, structuring finance, drones, risk management, insurance coverage, contract provisions and negotiations, M&A transactions, and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Stillman is a member of the Communications Committee and Legal Committee of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the Board of Directors of the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, the Board of Directors of Vanguard Leadership Group, the Board of Advisors of Panama Gateway International Association, and a member of the Transportation Club of Atlanta.

Mr. Stillman holds the honorary rank of Major in the Fulton County Police Department.