Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing Expansion Goal of San Antonio Port Constructio

Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing Expansion Goal of San Antonio Port Construction

A 178-acre site, located next to Kelly Field, which is Port San Antonio’s industrial airport, is being cleared as the city wants to expand its aerospace and manufacturing potential at the Port.

These sectors are well represented at Kelly Field.  Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Chromalloy, StandardAero and GDC Technics all have operations there supporting an array of commercial and military aircraft.  Services provided by those Port  companies include airframe and engine maintenance, high-end completions and the installation of avionics and other sophisticated electronic components.

Port San Antonio will soon begin the demolition of several obsolete warehouses, dock-high concrete foundations and unused roads in the property’s heavy-industrial center to get the property ready.

For several years, occupancy of industrial facilities at the Port has remained at about 95%, and air-served facilities are almost fully occupied. Future large expansions by aerospace and manufacturing will require new, custom-built facilities. The upcoming preparation of the airfield sites will therefore reduce development time and costs to accommodate industry growth.

 “The upcoming work will make a big section of our property shovel-ready, which is to say, job-ready,” said Roland C. Mower, Port San Antonio CEO.  “It makes our offerings even more attractive as we continue to work with our partners to bring additional good employers to the region. We greatly appreciate the confidence  the City of San Antonio and the U.S. Department of Commerce continue to place in our work as one of the region’s leading economic engines.”

In addition to air access, the site also has robust logistics connectivity by truck. It is adjacent to a $60-million four-lane road extension--36th Street--completed in 2012 by the City of San Antonio. The new road provides direct access to Highway 90, which quickly links to Interstate Highways 10, 35 and 37. 

Spanning 1,900 acres that contain over 10 million square feet of active hangars, workshops, logistics and office facilities, Port San Antonio is one of the single-largest commercial sites in South Texas. It is already home to over 70 employers and 12,000 workers engaged in aerospace, manufacturing, logistics, Department of Defense and other private- and public-sector operations.

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