Moving to Advantage

Sept. 1, 2001
Material Handling Solutions Editorial

Moving to Advantage

Expanding? Downsizing? Relocating? Upper management has made a decision to move, and they’re counting on you to execute it. Naturally, you’ll want to make the most advantageous move you can. To do so, you need to consider several factors.

Location, of course, is one of the most important factors. As with personal moves, where you choose to build or move your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility requires careful consideration. In fact, in today’s economy it can be critical to your company’s survival. Experts will tell you it can directly affect the bottom line. The right choice can bring you closer to your markets and suppliers. It can lower your costs, increase your capacity and increase the quality of life for your employees.

Speaking of employees, the right decisions will make it easier for you to find the skilled labor you need. You’ll want to know which cities and states are offering new incentive programs that will not only attract prospective employees, but also will help you retain them once you’ve invested time and money in finding them.

You’ll also need to look into utility availability, taxes, education and a host of other factors. And you’ll want to examine these not just for their impact on today’s needs, but for how they will affect your company five years from now.

Complicating the decision, of course, is time. As with almost every other aspect of business, choosing a site usually must be done in months — as in three to four — instead of years.

Because there are so many factors to consider, Material Handling Management and its sister publication, Expansion Management developed this special section. Inside you’ll find tips on putting together the right team of individuals. Plus, you’ll find information on how to get started, whom to contact, the best sources of information, staying organized and making sure you’ve considered all the important factors.

The result is you’ll be able to make crucial decisions faster and with more confidence.

So before you do anything toward that move, read the following advice. Rest assured, it will help you find a bargain.

Leslie Langnau

senior technical editor

[email protected]