IBM Opens Sustainable Manufacturing Plant

April 22, 2010
IBM announces the opening of a $30 million manufacturing facility in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., that will produce System z mainframes and Power Systems servers.

The 56,000-square foot plant, constructed inside an existing structure at IBM's 400-acre site in Poughkeepsie, features several energy-saving technologies, including a closed-loop system that circulates chilled water throughout the facility for air conditioning, systems cooling and other functions; high-efficiency fluorescent lighting and occupancy sensors; and a new ceiling-tile system that reduces noise and minimizes dust retention.

The new facility has a chilled-water cooling capacity of 1,700 tons, which constantly circulates through pipes, air conditioning, servers and cooling sources. The building also uses IBM's "Cool Blue" Rear Door Heat eXchangers—passive, water-cooled doors that mount to IBM systems to cool the equipment’s exhaust air before it reenters the operating environment.

In addition, the computer systems have fans that intake cool air in the front and then exhaust hot air out of the back. This optimizes thermal flow dynamics to eliminate hot spots and reduce energy consumption in the facility, according to IBM.

The company expects production in the new facility to begin later this year.

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