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A Welcome Relief

March 1, 2008
As if supply chain uncertainties were not enough, conditions entering 2008 and its first quarter have had everyone struggling for some form of relief

As if supply chain uncertainties were not enough, conditions entering 2008 and its first quarter have had everyone struggling for some form of relief and a quick return of normalcy—to the extent there is such a thing.

While the jury is out on the long-term impact of the relief initiatives to date, there can be no doubt that the actions have been swift and certain. It is hoped that interventions will have stabilized matters to

where we can return to logically evolving the ways we handle, move, store, protect and control the flow of goods and services within, along and between supply chains and processes.

Today’s supply chain operates against a backdrop of both short- and long-term disruptive factors. We face uncertainty around energy, labor, materials, currency valuation, capital formation, geo-politics and globalization, to name some.

For more than 60 years, the membership of Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) has collaborated to advance the state of the art in application of material handling and logistics solutions— solutions that have become ever more strategic to corporate productivity and profitability.

MHIA members have traditionally organized and delivered material handling and logistics shows and conferences to present best-in-class solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the times. MHIA’s next

event (NA 2008, April 21-24 in Cleveland) will be no different. Whatever your role in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and the supply chain, NA 2008 will be a must-visit destination this year. Participants will benefit from:

• Nearly 500 exhibits of equipment, systems and services from around the world—all designed to improve productivity and profitability and to reduce the potential for supply chain disruption. To make your visit more productive, NA 2008 has been arranged in unique solutions centers to better align a critical mass of solutions to your needs:

• Center for Manufacturing & Assembly Solutions;

• Center for Fulfillment and Delivery Solutions;

• Center for Information Technology (IT) Solutions;

• Knowledge Center: A Show Floor Education Experience.

This year’s Knowledge Center will consist of some very important features worth your time during your visit to NA, including:

• More than 70 complimentary educational sessions in compact, 45-minute formats. During these sessions, industry experts will demonstrate how material handling and logistics solutions can make manufacturing and distribution operations more efficient, sustainable and profitable—from best practices, tips and techniques to the latest innovations and implementations.

• A major keynote address on sustainability as it relates to material handling and logistics. We are honored to have arranged for Andrew Winston, author of From Green to Gold, to share with us the business case for creating sustainable supply chains. This complimentary address takes place on
Tuesday morning, Apr. 22. This is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

• Green Pavilion. In keeping with Andrew Winston’s keynote, you can visit the Green Pavilion to obtain further insights on how sustainability is becoming central to supply chains throughout the world.

NA 2008 will further repeat our longstanding tradition of making our International guests feel more at home. The NA 2008 International Visitors’ Center is designed to provide a number of services uniquely tailored to the needs of the international visitor.

A visit to will provide you with complimentary registration for NA 2008 and all that you need to plan a productive visit.

Your participation in NA 2008 will provide a welcome relief to uncertainty in your supply chains and processes. We look forward to seeing you in Cleveland.

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