Borders to Consolidate Distribution Activities

Feb. 1, 2005
Borders has embarked on a multi-year plan to improve the efficiency of its logistics network, which serves 460 Borders and 700 Waldenbooks stores in the U.S.

"We must strategically locate and develop our warehouse and distribution facilities so they can best serve our stores, and ultimately our customers, by having the right books, CDs and movies in the right stores at the right time," says Steve McAlexander, Borders group vice president of distribution and logistics. "Our overall plan is to have fewer facilities to serve our U.S. markets, which have a high concentration in the Eastern part of the country."

The $3.7 billion Ann-Arbor-based retailer of books made the announcement two years in advance of the transfer to give the company and the Indiana location's 100 employees time to work through the transition out of the facility, which opened in 1995. The company will expand and relocate its Pennsylvania distribution activities to a 600,000 square foot site near Harrisburg, Pa., creating approximately 200 new jobs, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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